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Apr 5, 2013

7 Cheat ATM Exp Pet in Shop | April 2013 [100% Work]

Today release Cheat ATM Exp Pet Ninja Saga in Shop ~ April 2013. This hack 100% safe and working, Made By. Siky Hackerz. Fastest Level up your pet (Cheat leveling Pet). Release on April 04 2013. Check Out,

Tutorial :
  1. Download File
  2. Extrach rar >> set the Password
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Select AutoResponder tab (icon lightning)
    Tick:   Enable Automatic Responses
              Unmatched request passthrought
  4. Drag swf file to Auto responder table
  5. Open your browser >> Must Clear Chache
  6. Login to Ninja Saga >> Go to Shop
    Enter License Key: cheatnssiky
  7. Select then Buy the hack, Happy Cheating !

Video Tutorial:

-  SWF File -

- darksagahack -

Credit: Siky Hackerz

NB: Not for Joking or Sell, This hack 100% free. Lecher go to Hell !

7 Dark Saga Comment Box:

  1. dude, there is smthng wrong with the password...
    i cant open it with the password given...
    hope u can fix it, looking forward to use this hack :)

    1. the password is darksagahack

    2. i typed it and it says wrong password

    3. now i had a new problem, i had it all done and when i press buy at the shop, it said "error, recuired lvl 20, 40 or 80!"
      any anything i do wrong or something??

    4. hey there, Probably the Cheat has been patched! stay tuned for the new hack :)

  2. Replies
    1. just click at -SWF FILE- wait for a second and click skip ads top right corner :)


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